Thursday, September 27, 2012


"Run run run, as fast as you can.
You can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Boy,
I am, I am!"
Georgie's favorite story lately has been The Gingerbread Boy.  So, I thought it would be awesome to make some sugar cookies in the shape of gingerbread boys, until...
"Will the cookies be brown?" Georgie asked, excitedly.
Doh!  (or should I say "dough"!)
Obviously, I needed something authentically "gingerbread".  I hate the taste of gingerbread, and couldn't see that flavor going over real big with the kids, either. So I searched for a gingerbread cookie recipe for people that hate gingerbread.  I landed on this one:
It doesn't have molasses in it, so it doesn't have that "meh" flavor that tingles your tastebuds, in a bad way.
Making the gingerbread shapes

Oldest is pretending to eat the dough, while the youngest stands aghast (or is pretending to be aghast)

Like the little old woman in the story, I cleaned while they baked.
Like the little old woman, I realized the cookies were burning.
And like the little old woman, I opened the oven and out jumped...

Gingerbread Boys!

but they did not run out the door, thank goodness.

here is Georgie, goughing out the chocolate chips eyes on her little guy:)
Note: these would taste much, much better if they hadn't been BURNT.  But there is a fix for that!  The oldest discovered that when the gingerbread boys go for a swim in milk first, they taste wonderful.  I'm sure we'll try this recipe again some day (and the little old woman will stop her cleaning and be much more attentive).

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