Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sneak Peak...

So far, our new school schedule has been...interesting!  I thought I would describe yesterday:

I worked with Z on piano, because there was a song she was having trouble with.  She picked it up within a few practices and now she is expert at it.

Both kids worked on Math.  Georgie worked on Miquon rods, and eventually threw them all off of the table.  Then, we worked together to pick them up.  Georgie scribbled in an old math book while the girls finished their math.  A's math covered formulas such as A = 2 (l+w), A = bh/2, V = bh, etc. and using them in difference scenarios (problem solving).  It was a challenging lesson.
Kids doing Math (Z still eating pancakes in the right corner)

I let G wander outside a bit, and she kept picking up items and bringing them inside.  She took herself on her own little nature walk.  She brought in a few feathers, a few different flowers, and a really fat stick that she had peeled all the bark off.

I worked with A on writing.  She wrote 3 sentences, using a photo to describe.  It was a short lesson, but we'll branch into the 5-sentence paragraph today.  So far, so good.

Kids did 2 pages of Handwriting Without Tears Cursive.  It incorporates a lot of Grammar, so it knocks off 2 birds with 1 stone.

Z wrote her story in two chunks during the day: morning, and evening.  She's in the "inspired, beginning a new novel" phase :)  She's at 790 words.

A's nature bracelet

G is stuffing her nature bracelet with grass

Z and G working on their nature bracelets
I have a list of things for us to work on with G.  This list is working out really well.  A worked with G on her AWANA verses, and then took her on a nature walk.  They made Nature Bracelets.  You take a piece of masking tape, wrap it around your wrist sticky-side out, and then pick up beautiful things on a nature walk.  You stick the beautiful things to your bracelet.  Z eventually joined in and made her own Nature Bracelet.

A practiced her Photography for her co-op class.  She practiced different features on the camera and picked two photos for me to print out.  Now I need to take them up to the store to get them printed.  She ran into some difficulty, as her photo subjects ran away and caused her trouble.  She did eventually get some nice pictures, though.

One kid did her Brazil reading, and the other kid did her History (American Girl Doll) reading.  We skipped journalling today, because school took us a very long time, and I desperately needed help cleaning the house.  We had a Homeschool Parent Support Meeting planned, and the house was a disaster!  We had lots of garden vegetables lying on every table surface, lol. 

Our Science Experiment for this week has been postponed two days now.  We are supposed to find, sketch, and track the movement of the moon.  Every time we go outside, we cannot find the moon.  I think it is hiding in the trees around here, and only I get to see it around 2AM-4AM when I get up in the night.  I've decided NOT to wake the child for this experiment.

The house did finally get cleaned up and vegetables put away (still have a ton sitting outside, though).  No one came to the support meeting, except one lonely soul that arrived 45 minutes later, lol.  Oh well.  At least the house got cleaned.  Had I known, I would've cancelled the meeting, and just focused more on school.  Any time you plan events like that, though, you just never know what kind of turn out you will get.  Sometimes you get 20 people.  Sometimes you get nobody.

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Jamie said...

I love the nature bracelets! That is something I've wanted to do with the kids. We tried it once and I don't think they "got it". I am going to try again with all the fall leaves on the horizon!