Wednesday, September 5, 2012

7th Grade Goals for weeks 7-12

I had a similar conversation with the 7th grader, but it didn't go as happily :(  She needs structure, and prefers me to plan things for her.  Here is the breakdown:

We'll keep going as planned with Math, Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, and Science.  She specifically asked for less writing - but if that won't happen, then she wants to keep on with our current writing program.  Except...

I wonder if we just worked on the concept of the paragraph, and tried to craft one good paragraph 2-4x per week, if we might be better served.  I've come across two resources that I think might fit:  Four Square Writing Method and Dianne Craft's non-curriculum method of organizing and writing.  Actually, both methods seem to resemble each other, except Dianne Craft's method awards points (which will encourage more words! LOL!)  So I think I'll use the Four Square idea for organizing our ideas, and Dianne Craft's method for awarding points, and progression.  We may just work through this until it is solid, and eventually branch back into Writing With Skill.

For Science, I'm really tempted to pull in a lot more hands on science experiments for us to learn the concepts.  I want to see if this cements ideas better.  I found a Prentis Hall textbook on my bookshelf that is loaded with science experiments.  So now I just need to pick the experiments & make sure I have supplies.

For History, she is going to read the American Girl Doll's World.  We'll start with Felicity's World.  While perusing the library shelves, I was wishing for a craft book that matched the same era.  Well, guess what?  There is also a Felicity's World craft book.  I will schedule the reading, but let her select crafts to make.

I may pull in some Draw Write Now books for her.  I ordered some from the library to see if this might fit into Art & History.

Bible - she graduated from the AWANA program.  I'll probably pick a book from the Bible and have her read through it, one chapter per day.

Reading - she will finish Inkdeath (from the Inkheart series) and then hopes that the next Lost Heroes book will be published.

Piano - she'll continue with piano lessons.

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