Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5th Grade Plans for Weeks 7-12

We've decided to change course a bit on our schooling.  We decided to have a more Goal Oriented approach to schooling.  I'm using a similar approach to Homeschooling and Lovin' It.  We started with a conversation.  I asked Z, my 5th grader, for her assessment of our current program, and what she'd like to do.

Conversation with Z (my words in red):

Math: Math is getting easy, but I don't want it to get too hard, too fast. 
We'll keep this pace at 1 lesson per day.

Writing:  (was Writing With Skill) - Writing is too confusing, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.  I would like to write a novel.
Goal:  at least 2000 words in 6 weeks.

Handwriting: (Handwriting Without Tears Can Do Cursive) I really like Handwriting.
We'll keep Handwriting.

Spelling & Grammar - we'll drop this for now, with all the writing we'll be doing for the novel, Science, & Geography.

Science - (was Elemental Science) - I want to read a book and then half way through the book do a big project (like get a pet, like a lizard or something).  I want to study animals.
We'll pick books to work through and she'll keep a Science Journal.  She'll write in her Science journal and draw a picture to go in her journal.  Within the 6 weeks, we'll get a small pet (probably a fish).

History/Geography - (was MFW, which we never really successfully started, lol) - I want to read books about how people live there.  I want to learn their language and cook their food.  But I don't want to eat any really weird stuff, like a pig with an apple in its mouth.  I would like to travel to that country.  I would like to start by learning about Celina's country, Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest, from Children Just Like Me.
We'll start with Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest.  She'll keep a World Journal, & will write and draw a picture to go with it.  She'll practice finding the country on the map.

Reading Goals - finish Hunger Games series & start Inkheart series.  She has already read Hunger Games & Catching Fire - just has Mockingjay to read.

Piano Goals - she really wanted to get into Level 2 songs.  Her piano teacher is giving her a Level 1 song and a Level 2 song to work through to meet that goal.  A big goal she has is to be able to play The Entertainer (you know the song), which happens to be the very last song in the Level 2 book:)

Bible - she will do AWANA, the 3rd year of Truth & Training (there are 4 years total).

Books we'll use to study:
Math - Horizons Math 4 Book 2
Handwriting Without Tears Can Do Cursive
Writing using Microsoft Word on the computer
Science: Usborne Living World Encyclopedia & DK Eyewitness Living Earth
Geography:  Children Just Like Me, A Trip Around the World, Enchanted World Series, anything else she finds of interest
Reading: Mockingjay, Inkheart...

6 week goals:
  • learn basic Portugeuse (greetings, colors, numbers)
  • learn location of Brazil & surrounding countries
  • learn facts about Brazil & its people
  • learn how to cook at least 1 meal from Brazil
  • understand the Rainforest & its place in the ecosystem
  • write 2000+ words in a novel
  • continue study of cursive handwriting
  • Math - Geometry (symmetry, circles, 3D shapes, perimeter, area, volume)
  • Math - Fractions (equivalent, GCF, lowest terms, ordering, mixed & improper, adding/subt'ing like fractions, adding/subt'ing unlike fractions, adding/subt'ing mixed fractions).  We may start on Decimals toward the end of 6 weeks, or we'll spend a longer time on fractions.

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