Friday, August 24, 2012

WWS Week 5 Day 1

I like to post about our writing experience, when it is noteworthy.  This week's assignment was a huge stretch!  The author (Susan Wise Bauer) made a list of events from Alexander the Great's life.  The goal was to 1.) pick some events that can be grouped together and written about under a common theme (example: Alexander's early life, his Persian campaign, his invasions, etc.), and then 2.) write 150-300 words using the outline, and adding in time order words. 

Both kids were in a panic over this assignment, but for different reasons.  The older one picked a very limited topic, which only gave her 98 words (the taming of the horse Bucephalus).  She ended up broadening her topic to Alexander's early days.  She took 2 days to do the assignment because she became too frustrated around word 131, and her daddy made her write an additional 7 sentences today.  The younger child saw the list, but felt she didn't have enough information.  She wanted to research her topic further, but I didn't let her.  Next time, I'll allow some research or I'll find some background information for them - but I wanted them to work off of SWB's outline.  She ended up writing about the same topic.  Here are their papers. 

7th grader (who kept broadening her topic)

Alexander the Great tamed the horse Bucephalus age 10.
First, Phillip the Second intended to buy a horse. Then he found that the horse was untameable and wild. Then, Alexander the Great, at the age of 10, asked to ride the horse, Bucephalus. Then Alexander the Great promised his father, Philip the Second, that he would pay for it if he could not ride the horse, Bucephalus. Next, he then found out that the horse was afraid of its own shadow. Finally, he turned the horse towards the sun and rode off with the horse, Bucephalus.

Alexander the Great was born in 356 before Christ. His mother was a person named Olympia. Philip the Second defeated most of Greece. The Greek cities were then added to the Macedonian kingdom.

Alexander won the Battle of Chaeroea. His father was assassinated by his bodyguard. Alexander took over the throne at age 20. He murdered enemies to the throne. Then, he invaded Egypt and won. Alexander declared himself king of Persia. He died from fever in June.

5th grader (who always benefits from her sister going first, lol)

Alexander the Great's Early Life
Alex was born in 356 B.C. His mother's name was Olympia.  His father's name was Philip II.  He was king of Macedon.  He conquered most of Greece.  He added it to his Macedonian kingdom.  One time, Alexander's father wanted to get a horse.  He saw a horse that was wild and crazy.  His name was Bucephalus.  So his son, Alex asked to ride the wild and crazy horse.  He promised his dad that if he could not ride the horse he would pay for him.  So he let his ten year old son ride the horse.  It turns out the horse was scared of his own shadow.  So he turned the horse towards the sun and rode it with amazing skill.  He rode like a champ.  So his father got the horse.  That was the story of the ten year old boy who tamed the wild horse named Bucephalus.
Of course, as I type this, possible reviews become glaringly obvious (such as using repetition to boost word count, lol).  Also, the 5th grader didn't add in very many time order words (except "it turns out", which I thought was a rather creative time order word).

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