Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 5, 2012-13

Our week:
Monday - gymnastics, Tuesday - beach day, Wednesday-Friday normal days, except Thursday was horse riding lessons.

A's accomplishments:
She finished through Lesson 102 in Math, which covered Perimeter, a formula for changing Fahrenheit to Celcius, Vertical Bar Graphs, Fractions practice, Area, and Area of a Parallelogram.  We did through Day 129 in Spelling, which continued to practice -end and -ame.  Her most challenging words were friendlier, comprehending, apprehended, flaming.  She did 1 day of Grammar: Preposition & Adverb review.

Z's accomplishments:
In Math, she finished through Lesson 90.  She practiced Calendar conversions (1 year = 365 days, etc.), Time Zones, Logical Reasoning, and Geometric Terms.  Spelling through Day 24 covered -ack, -eck, -ick, and her most challenging words were reckless, knickknack, quicker, bricking, quickly, flickering, chickens.  Grammar was more preposition review.

Horse riding lessons

Completed Writing With Skill Day Week 5 Day 1, writing our first 150 word historical narrative. (Click the link to see our finished assignments)
Handwriting Without Tears Can Do Cursive grammar section
Week 4 in Earth/Astronomy Science, about Ursa Major & Minor (Big & Little Dippers/Bears)
Did an experiment by creating our own planetarium.
Filled in maps of North America & United States, some states and special features (rivers, bays, mountains)
Research project.  Z did a famous American inventor: Benjamin Franklin.  A did a famous American: Annie Oakley.

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