Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 4, 2012-13

Monday: Fireplace work all day
Tuesday: Homeschool Curriculum Planning Day
Wednesday: more fireplace work all day
Thursday: waited at home for rough in fireplace inspection (didn't happen). Horse riding lessons.
Friday: fireplace inspection (yay!)

A's week:
  • Math through lesson 98, focused on adding/subtracting unlike fractions, taking 10% discounts off of sales items, scientific notation, and the metric system.  The metric system featured celcius, grams, liters, meters, and maps with cm to kilometer scales.
  • Spelling patterns -end, and -ame.  Challenging words included comprehend, apprehend, befriend, extend, intend, and pretend.
  • Began reading Inkspell (book 2 of the Inkheart series), and several choose your own adventure books
Z's week:
  • Math through lesson 85, focused on telling time, elapsed time, centuries (A.D.), division, divisibility rules, and averaging.
  • Spelling pattern -ack.  Challenging words included hijack, unpack, attack, quack, and whack (easy words this week).
  • Began reading Catching Fire (book 2 of Hunger Games series), and several choose your own adventure.
Note: There are many themes for the choose your own adventure books.  One book was about Viking history - the kids made a connection between Vikings and Skyrim (Daddy's video game, lol).

Our stars board.  The kids got creative on this one.  Once created, we used this to find out why stars twinkle.

Air dry clay art sculptures
  • We did Week 4 Day 1 of Writing With Skill, which involved reading a story and writing a brief summary.
  • We worked on Easy Grammar, continuing the Preposition Review section
  • The kids did cursive handwriting practice.  I'm beginning to try to weave this into other things (for example, 2 spelling words get written in cursive now).  We just began the section in Can Do Cursive on Grammar (I love their grammar review!)
  • We did Week 3 of Science, all about the stars.  We learned about the different ages/heat/color of stars.  We did a science experiment where we learned how stars appear to twinkle.
  • The kids used air dry clay for Art this week. 
Below: Short videos of kids on horses:)  Very goofy 3yo in the foreground.

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