Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 3, 2012-13

I scaled back our workload and tried to go with the flow.  Here is what our week looked like:

Monday: Gymnastics and playdate with friends.
Tuesday: the day the fireplace was supposed to be completed, but all the parts weren't available yet.  Art Projects Day, and we cleaned the house.
Wednesday: full day, nothing planned
Thursday: the day the fireplace was re-scheduled, re-scheduled to be completed but was cancelled due to rain.
Friday: another day of rain.  The dog got her stitches out and we took a trip to the library.  A light day of school + Science experiments + Art


A completed Math lessons 91-95, about standard measurement and metric measurement.  She did Spelling lists 121-125, with the spelling patterns of -end, -em, and -ead.  Some of her more challenging words were defended, defendant, suspending, suspension, it's too hot, it was read aloud, misleading, and amendment.

Z finished Horizons Math Grade 4 Book 1, and started Grade 4 Book 2.  She knows long division quite well and passed her test.  Friday, she began Book 2 which started with Telling Time (Lesson 81).  She completed Spelling lists Days 9-16.  The spelling patterns were -ing, -ung, -one, -une, -ob, -ope.  Some of her more challenging words were Neptune, eloped, microscope, telescope, opportune, opportunity, opportunities, community, communities, communion, immune, immunity, immunization.

In Grammar, they are both doing Preposition Review in Easy Grammar 5th & 7th (Plus).  They have learned every lowercase letter in Handwriting Without Tears Can-Do Cursive.  They completed Week 3 in Writing With Style, which introduced using a Thesaurus.  Two of the days focused on Thesaurus use.  The other two days had the kids practicing a first level outline about worms, and notetaking/summarizing about Helen Keller.

For Science, we completed Week 2, about galaxies and their types.  On Friday, we microwaved a chocolate bar and tried to use the holes in the chocolate bar to calculate the speed of light (not sure if we did it right). 

For Art, we did painting (just for fun), and completed the 2nd project in Usborne Treasury of Art, which used styrofoam and paint, and was messier than I'd like:p

This week, the kids became interested in Choose Your Own Adventure books.  On Thursday, we created some of our own (spoken words, giving each other choices). On Friday, we picked up a few from the library.

Z's spelling lesson.  I say the word, Z writes it on her notebook, and A does my job of writing it on the whiteboard:)

For preschool this week, we focused on cooking.  G calls herself the "cooker man", and she makes really good garlic bread!

After we microwaved a chocolate bar and calculated the speed of light (science), we dipped pretzels in melted chocolate. Yum!

"Cooker Man" is eating pretzels dipped in chocolate.  She loves science!

Styrofoam painting.  Not something I ever want to do again with a 3yo around...

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