Friday, August 24, 2012

Homeschool name

Every once in awhile, I think about adopting some great homeschool name for our bunch.  "Lastname Homeschool" fits us (obviously), but sounds rather boring.  Adopting a name like "Sophia Academy" is beautiful, but sounds waaay too rigid (we're just not that school-y).  So I asked the kids yesterday what a good homeschool name would be.  Z's answer?

Stuck in the Box Homeschool

I don't think she really knew what it meant in the homeschool world to be "stuck in the box" LOL.  So I explained what "the box" means in homeschool terms.  "The box" typically refers to boxed curriculum: you send away to BJUP or Abeka or whoever, and they send you a box filled with all the textbooks and workbooks you need for the year.  When a new homeschooler is struggling, other homeschoolers say things like "think outside of the box" and "you don't have to be stuck in a box".  So I thought it was a rather humorous homeschool name: Stuck in the Box Homeschool. 

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