Friday, July 27, 2012

Writing With Skill assignments

A's summary, WWS Week 1 Day 4.  The assignment was to summarize a long fairy tale in 6-8 sentences:
Dullhead was the youngest of three brothers, who met an old man in the forest.  The old man asked if he could share their food, but the two oldest brothers refused.  Dullhead got a golden goose for sharing, and some people were greedy, and got stuck to the goose.  The king said whoever made the princess laugh could marry her.  Dullhead made the princess laugh, but the king did not want to give her away.  With the help from the old man, Dullhead married the princess.
Z's summary,  WWS Week 1 Day 3.  The assignment was to summarize a non-fiction account in 5-6 sentences:

Peter was a man who loved ships.  His poor, freezing town needed a new port, so he went to fight for one.  He built up a wall of rubble over the port then it spilled over to the Ottomans and they surrendered.

Before the assignment, we go over the steps together, as written in Writing With Skill.  Then, they read the account, take notes, and write a summary.  After they've written the summary, I ask they to do an edit of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  We go over any remaining errors together, and talk about possibilities for improvement.  We've only done 4 days, but I've already seen a big improvement in their writing styles.

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