Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly (Yearly) Review, 2011-2012

We've officially finished off our 36 week school year, and then immediately headed west toward South Dakota and Wyoming to see the sights.  We had a wonderful 2 week vacation; it was a great way to celebrate the end of the school year.

Here is a recap of our last 2 weeks and year (overall):

Spelling (AVKO Sequential Spelling 1): we had landed around lesson 120 (out of 180), but there was a lot of review and repetition.  The last 2 weeks were spent covering the toughest words, and finishing the last few days of the book.  Next year: On to Sequential Spelling 2!

Grammar (Winston Grammar): we memorized about 1/3rd of the prepositions list and practiced finding Preps, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Articles, Adj, & Adverbs.  We finished up around Week 17 (out of 30).  Next year: Easy Grammar & Latin (gulp!)

Writing (our own assignments):  the kids both became proficient at writing 1 page double spaced summaries of their science reading.  We ended the year with a big research report on our upcoming vacation.  A wrote 2,000 words and Z wrote 1,500. Next year: we'll try Susan Wise Bauer's Writing With Skill.

Daily Paragraph Editing 4: We finished at least half of this book and I believe it prepared them well for the IOWA test.  They also learned a great deal about capitalization and punctuation rules.  Next year: attempt to keep these skills going through our own writing.  If we need to, I'll purchase Daily Paragraph Editing 6 ebook.

Math (Horizons 4 & 6):  Z ended the school year around lesson 70, and finished up the last few weeks on multi-digit multiplication and division (ex: 345 x 27 and 657 / 4 and 657 / 20).  This last exercise (657 / 20) was quite a leap and will need more practice when we return to school.  She is approximately 10 lessons away from finishing Gr 4 Book 1.  She'll finish Book 1 and start Book 2 in the new year.  A ended the year by finishing up Gr 6 Book 1.  She finished the year by learning about division with decimals and division / multiplication of tens (ex: 2.67 / 1.5  or 1.67 x 10 or 1.67 / 10).  She definitely needs more work with shifting decimals, and stems from the same problems that she had with the Metric System.  Everything else she has mastered well.  She'll start Book 2 in the new year.

History (CLP Exploring American History and Michigan History classes): we finished these much earlier in the year.  Next year: focus on Geography!

Science (Elemental Science Biology Logic Stage):  We finished all but about 10 weeks (the human body chapters).  This was my first year working within a solid, planned 36 week format, and I didn't really know what I was doing, lol.  Also, we worked with another homeschool family to do the experiments, so both families were at the mercy of each other for scheduling:)  I haven't decided if we'll rush through the human body chapters before starting the next level, or if we'll just skip it altogether.  I'm pretty certain we could just do the reading portions and get it done in 1-2 weeks. Next year: Elemental Science Earth and Astronomy Logic Stage

Other subjects:
Encyclopedia reading / summary assignments
Familiar Quotations reading / copywork
AWANA (A finished all years, Z finished year 2 of T&T)

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