Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 34, 2011-12

*Note: posted late because I had hoped to get some photos attached.  Didn't happen.  Read on...

Two more weeks left! Woohoo!
The first half of the week was spent doing review of standardized test questions, some math, and report writing.  The second half of the week involved Math, report writing, some science, encyclopedia, and familiar quotations.  This summer we will take our vacation out West - Yellowstone Natl Park, Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Devil's Tower, etc. The kids were tasked with finding out more about our vacation hot spots.  A was assigned 2000 words, and Z was assigned 1,500.  Z finished her assignment but needs to edit.  A has about 800 words left to write. 

In Math, A and Z finished through lessons 66.  A's lessons focused on Fractions.  Z's lessons focused on long division and the numbers are getting longer (ex: 1473 / 4).  She also began working on Divisibility Rules. 

In Science, they began reading and answering questions about Echinoderms (things like star fish).  They will finish Echinoderms next week and begin the next chapter.

Little G had library storytime with a farm theme.  She made a sheep.

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