Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 33, 2011-12

Next week: 3 weeks left of school - woohoo!
This week, finished up Week 33. 
Monday - library storytime was canceled for G.  Tuesday - G's birthday, and I had a friend over to visit for coffee.  Wednesday - playtime at a friend's house.  Thursday - science experiments at a friend's house.  Friday - at home.
Science experiment for Week 13 of Elemental Science Biology.  We took liquid bluing, salt, water, and something porous.  It should grow crystals. 

Z & G under A's bed, which has become a cozy book nook.  They were reading books and looking at last year's co-op yearbook together.

I brought home Son of Neptune from the library on a whim.  I haven't seen A since.  Anyone know where she went?  Anyone?
Dying of boredom in Math.  Did Test 6 & Test 7, but spaced it over 5 days.  Did great until the very end of Test 7.  Needs to practice making 9s out of Roman Numerals.  Needs a refresher on adding/subtracting unlike fractions.  We should continue to review LCF & GCF, since we both still get those confused.

Learned 5 new prepositions, and reviewed 5 old: about, above, across, after, along, around, at, before, behind, below.  Went through Winston Grammar Week 15, finding prepositional phrases, labeling nouns, pronouns, verbs, and articles.  Sorta labeling adjectives and adverbs with my help, and discussing which is which, and what describes what.

Finished through Day 132 in Sequential Spelling.  Did 4 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  Did a few portions of the ITBS (Iowa) Test.  Did J-K Encyclopedia (hello, Kentucky!) and Familiar Quotations.  Did 1-2 lessons each day in T4L. Science (see below).

Finished Lesson 61 in Math.  Doing really well with Multi-digit Multiplication!  (ex: 36 x 48).  She no longer needs hand-holding and can do these independently with great success.  Our week ended with the beginnings of simple long division with remainders (ex: 25 / 6), which she says is easy (Moms like to hear these things!)  She is also doing a lot of word problems and basic pre-algebra right now (n x 8 = 64; divide each side by 8 to get the answer).  I also had her do multiplication fact practice every day to solidify those facts before the ITBS test.

She also did 10 prepositions, and the same labeling for Winston Grammar, Week 15.  She finished Day 108 in Sequential Spelling.  Did Daily Paragraph Editing, H Encyclopedia, Familiar Quotes, and T4L.  See below for Science.

Science (both):
We're doing Elemental Science Biology out of order.  We've already done Weeks 1-11 (Units 1 & 2 Cells & Plants), and Weeks 18-22 (Unit 4 Vertebrates).  We're mid-way through Unit 3 (Invertebrates) and have finished Weeks 12, 13, & 14.  This week we did Week 14 (Mollusks; snails & slugs).  We read about Mollusks, Bivalves, Octopuses & Squids.  The kids had to answer comprehension questions, fill in vocabulary & sketches, and they had to write a 1-page paper.  We also did experiments with friends.  Our worm experiment failed Day 1 (the worms were crushed to death because we didn't use the right dirt).  We are growing crystals with liquid bluing and salt.  We'll save the snail experiment for another day, when slugs are plentiful in our yard.

Turned 3 on Tuesday!  And doing very well on the potty.  She enjoyed riding her tricycle with friends on Wednesday.  She was bummed to miss the library storytime and kept singing about shaking her beanybag (its one of the storytime songs).  She loves Mitch Match on YouTube (Baby TV), and keeps asking "Do the pink one not go in" (it's a personified puzzle piece that is afraid to go into the pool with the other puzzle pieces).  She also loves Itsy Bitsy Spider videos, and also some of the other BabyTV videos ("Do the guy fall down").

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