Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plans...Again! (Revamped)

I previously wrote out my plans for next year here (Tenative Plans), which I am now revamping:)

So, I borrowed MFW ECC teacher's guide from a friend, and what a fantastic looking curriculum!  It looks like I could even incorporate the 3yo in some of the books and activities.  I'm so excited!  I hope it works for us, because it looks so lovely.  So here is the plan (as of today, before I change it):

Horizons Math 6 & 4.  Half way thru the year, may need to bump up to Pre-Alg & 5.

My Father's World: Exploring Countries and Cultures (covers Bible, Geography/Social Studies, some Science, Art, Music, some Writing, Research, Notetaking...)

Elemental Science Earth/Astronomy for the Logic Stage (must finish Biology first, eek!)

Easy Grammar (Grammar) Plus & 5th:  (Editing note: Would it be crazy to just use Essentials in Writing for our grammar?  On one hand, it seems like the kids are *so close* to understanding parts of speech.  On the other hand, I wonder if I am beating a dead horse.  Let's learn how to write, already!)

Essentials in Writing (Writing) - debating on getting 6th gr & combining both kids

Sequential Spelling 2 DVD - aha!  So after a 1 week trial run of SWR, I've already dropped it for next year. LOL!!! (For those that don't know, I pick up and drop SWR every year).

* Encyclopedia

* Familar Quotations copywork

* These 2 are Daddy's additions for the kids.  If the ECC workload is large, I may try to drop Encyclopedia, given the amt of research the kids will be doing in encyclopedias.

AWANA - 5th grader only.  7th grader will be doing ECC's full Bible program.  5th grader will do ECC Bible, but not the memorization work for ECC.

Homeschool Co-op classes


Piano - still need to get back with the possible teacher / or find a teacher.

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