Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 32, 2011-2012

This week:
Kids had Gymnastics on Monday, and Georgie had her library storytime class.  I hosted a Homeschool Parent Support meeting on Thursday; our topic was Favorite Curriculum Night.  I also played a live webinar about Homeschool High School Transcripts.  It was an enjoyable, although late, evening.

Completed through Lesson 57, and also skipped ahead into the beginnings of Test 6.  She's bored in Math and keeps saying "I know how to do this, already!"  A few things I feel we need to work on: GCF & LCF, fractions should keep getting reviewed, and How to Line Up Numbers Neatly to Get the Right Answer (lol!).  That last one seems like a toughy:)  9 times out of 10, a wrong answer is due to numbers not lining up.  I'm really beginning to wonder how much practice we *should* be doing.  If she knows how to do it, can we move on?  OTOH, doesn't practice and more practice create mastery?  I'm trying to strike a good balance (enough practice to get mastery), but I wonder how we are doing with this.  I brought in Multiplication practice from 

For Spelling, I gave the SWR diagnostic test.  She tested into list O, but she insisted that she needs list R.  So I gave her List R-1 (words such as precious, tension, convention, precision).

In Grammar, she wanted to go back to the beginning because she is finding it very confusing.  So we started back in the early lessons and worked on finding nouns, articles, and verbs (including state of being, linking, & helping).  She completed 4 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.

In Science, she read about jellyfish.  She completed the vocab, sketch, and answered comprehension questions.  She also wrote a 1-pg paper about jellyfish, and drew illustrations of how they eat, move, and their body structure.

She also worked on Encyclopedia, Familiar Quotations, & Time 4 Learning.

I started the kids on the Fabulous Five memory work.  OK, so I totally made that up:)  The idea is that I pick 5 things for the kids to memorize.  This week was the first 5 prepositions (out of a list of 30 or 40, so we might be at this awhile).  I haven't been very good about memory work, but I thought: we can handle 5 things.  So my goal is to add 5 more things every week.  This week it was about, above, across, after, along.  Next week, we'll add 5 more: around, at, before, behind, below.  It'll be 6 weeks, at this rate! lol.

Completed through Lesson 56.  She learned how to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers (48 x 37, or 128 x 56).  We're practicing 3 of these every day and I watch her to make sure the steps are done in order, and that numbers are lining up.  She also practiced Multiplication Facts.

In Spelling, she aced the first 25 words on the diagnostic test.  And then we skipped a few days.  And then I started her on the next diagnostic test, just to be sure - but we'll continue this on Monday.  She's been "off kilter" in school this week, and I think this was partly the weather, and partly from learning a new math concept.  So we're taking everything else painfully slow, lol.

Grammar - we are also backing up and just doing nouns and articles.  She did 3 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.

She did the same things for Science, except chose to write about worms.
She learned her 5 prepositions, did Quotes & Encyclopedia, and spent a lot of time on Time 4 Learning.

Went to her library class on Monday.  She just watches the songs, but really enjoys the craft.  Later, she attempted her own craft at home by combining Z's schoolwork packet, a bottle of glue, and a plastic easter egg, lol! 

She is BACK on the potty, as of Thursday.  Now it is working out to have her "go" when either I or her sisters go:)  Hey, it's a social girl thing.  I keep explaining that we need to go about 5 times a day, and we'll feel a lot better after we go.

G's pig from Library Story time.

We cleaned the schoolroom, and Z decorated this sign on the whiteboard (which was prompty erased so we could use it for math)

Z doing multi digit multiplication on the whiteboard.  Notice we made a grid.

G drew a "happy birthday"  She's drawing that a lot lately - a circle with lines radiating out from it.  She turns 3 next week!

We cleaned the house, and G found this hat in the closet.  She was busy hauling around these backpacks and wearing a hat.  I think she looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

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