Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 31, 2011-2012

What a hectic week!  The rest of our Winter activities ended with ceremony this week.  Two kids were sick and miserable with ear infections.  And the one sicky (Georgie) decided she would potty train (Mama wasn't ready yet!).  Daddy was gone to MMS (Microsoft Management Summit) in Las Vegas all week.
Sunday: the kids starred in a church musical: Nic at Night.  Each kid had a solo part in a song.  They performed beautifully!
Monday: Georgie started her Library Storytime class.  We had Gymnastics in the afternoon.  We brought our friend Megan with us (she lives 5mins away, so her mom and I have been tag-team driving.  Soooo nice!)
Tuesday: was busy, but can't for the life of me remember what we did!
Wednesday:  in the afternoon, the kids attended a thing called Paul Revere's Ride at the library.  A man told stories about the Revolutionary War.  In the evening, we had pizza at church and then the AWANA awards ceremony.
Thursday: took Z & G into the dr for their ear infections.  Had to visit the store twice (pharmacy was super-busy and we had to wait several hours before pick up).
Friday: not sure yet!  The day is still young.

In Math, she has been working on exponents, scientific notation, and Base 2 (binary).  She's doing 2 days of Science (Worms!).  I taught paper writing / organization of paragraphs, and she wrote a 3 paragraph essay about 2 year olds.  It was supposed to be a 5 paragraph essay, but the Introduction and Conclusion were cut from the assignment, lol.  Writing is "my thing", but I can't seem to teach what I know.  I think it has more to do with student resistance than teacher ideas and ability.  Sigh. She also spent some time on Time 4 Learning, and I signed her up for T4L Art (they love the art).

In Math, we were supposed to learn multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits.  But I found that her method of doing 2-digit by 2-digit with Zero is really weird.  So I think we're gonna back up the train and focus on zeros.  Her method is this:

see above...she puts down a zero.  Then she multiplies 6 x 2, but "carries" the 12!  Next, she would multiply the 6 x 3 column and say to herself "it's really 180".  So then she'd "hold" 120 and 180 in her brain and add them together.  If she added correctly, she'd get 300.  If she didn't, she'd get some off the wall number, LOL.

She did a lot of T4L this week.  I'll have her double up on Science today, and start working on multiplying with zeros.  The thing about Right Brained people, is that sometimes they have the right ideas (she understood place value in multiplying); but the application is really wonky (or creative, however you look at it).

She started her Library Storytime class on Monday.  She just watched the rest of the class participate and didn't dance or interact.  She enjoyed making the craft project at the end.
Such a big kid now with her backpack on!
Over the weekend, she would pee in her diaper, strip it off, and then grab herself a pair of underwear.  She'd hold her bladder for awhile, and then grab herself and say "I need a diaper!"  She wouldn't go until she had a diaper.  What better indication that we needed to potty train?  It was not the week I wanted to start it (I had my sights set on warm, lazy summer days, or even next week, not this crazy-busy one!)  She did really well.  In order to transition her from going in a diaper into the potty, I bribed with an m&m (every pee in the potty gets 1 m&m).  Well, now she's past m&ms and just holds her bladder for 5 hours, ugh!  She did great all week, but now she won't sit on the potty.  So I've had to step things up a bit.  Now if she wants something (a shower, play outside, whatever) I have to withhold that item until she puts pee in her potty.  It's been 2 steps forward, 1 step back in progress (she did so great at the start, but now seems to be regressing).  Such is potty training...

G writing on the whiteboard in her undies

A doing T4L

Z decorating her Unit 3 Invertebrates Science Notebook

Potty time!

Fish tail braid.  I'm getting better at these.

Paul Revere's Ride at the library.  Different flags in the background

Look at this bad boy!  Glad I'm not living during this time period!

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