Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 30 2011-2012

Finished Week 30.  Next week is our Spring Break, and then one more 6 week segment for the year! Yippeee!

On Monday, Daddy left for Colorado for a work trip. 
Tuesday was our homeschool group's Easter Egg Hunt: this was the fastest egg hunt we've had so far.  The weather was a bit rough - it didn't rain until everyone was in their cars driving, so we didn't cancel it.  The wind picked up and it was quite brisk.  Once the rain died down, we all dumped eggs out on the lawn and then the kids ran to find them.  Once all the eggs were claimed, we jumped into our cars and drove off, lol.  We had time afterwards to get an oil change in the truck.  The kids finished their schoolwork, and then we visited with a friend on public school Spring Break.
Wednesday was a playdate with friends at McDonalds.  We stayed 4 hours, and us moms chatted.  This particular friend is another idea person and hoarder of curriculum, like me.  We both like to get our hands on as many programs as possible, stay up late at night pouring over different methods, and then teaching our kids our own way.  So it was great fun discussing things on Wednesday.
Thursday, Georgie had a re-check on her ear infection (she's in perfect health), and her 3 year old checkup.  Our friend on Spring Break (from Tuesday) offered to take the big kids while I took Georgie.  It was nice just having time with Georgie, and the girls enjoyed their playtime.  At home, we did a full day of school and then watched How to Train Your Dragon (we ordered it from Netflix as our special "daddy's gone" thing).
Friday, I got another quote on geothermal.  We did school.  Z felt awful (headache, ears hurt, and developed a cough).  I finally got a nap, since I've been exhausted and staying up late all week.

In Math, she completed Lesson 42 Prime & Composite Numbers, 43 Factor Trees, 44 Exponents, 45 Square Roots, and 46 Greatest Common Factor.  This was mostly all review for her.  After we reach lesson 50, I may let her start testing again - but first I wanted to revisit squares and exponents.  She completed Spelling through day 128.  She completed 3 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  We took a break from Grammar.  I assigned 15 mins of Reading, 4 times this week and she chose to read Little House on the Prairie (we've never read these before).  She did J-K Encyclopedia and Familiar Quotes (she's on Milton quotes right now).  In Science, she did Birds and Mammals (so 2 weeks worth), which included reading, comprehension questions, vocabulary, labeling sketches, and the Unit 4 Test.  I haven't graded the test yet.  Since we are doing Time 4 Learning, she worked on that all week, as well. 

In Math, she did Lesson 47 & 48 Division Properties, 49 Solving Problems with Information, 50 Multiplication with Carrying, and Test 5.  I haven't graded her test yet.  This week's was easy, but next week is going to be more difficult (2 digits multiplied by 2 digits, which she hasn't seen yet).  She finished through Day 100 in Spelling.  For her 15 mins of Reading, she has been reading Slopok (her Daddy's book on Amazon), but then discovered Dr. Doolittle by the week's end, and seems to be really enjoying that (she's a funny one about reading books - sometimes has more than one going, or loses interest, or re-reads a favorite book 100 times).  She also did Daily Paragraph Editing.  She did the same thing as A for Science.  She did H Encyclopedia (reached "Hershey") and Familiar Quotations (she's on Shakespeare).  She also did Time 4 Learning - this seems to be a good way to get her started in the morning (it is difficult to get her started in the morning, argh, lol). 

A doing math in her PJs.  This is her least favorite subject, but she does it first thing to get it out of the way.

Z doing Time 4 Learning

Z in my bed, reading Dr Doolittle.  I had 3 kids in bed with me last night, lol.

Georgie is delighted with this dandylion.  It was the first one she has seen this year.  Her reaction was amazement, and she immediately plucked it from the ground to show to me.

Keeping the little one out of everyone else's hair.  We were sopping wet by the time I ended this project.

Brrr...Easter egg hunt. Hurry up, kids.  Mom's cold!

The up-side-downy kid before she slides headfirst into the blanket on the floor.
Georgie is a smart little cookie that likes to count things.  As long as she doesn't lose her place while counting, she can count 10 items.  One day, I caught her taking seeds out of a plastic bag (how did she get that?), lining them up on the floor, and then counting them.  I'm starting to put together "preschool" plans for her:)  The 3rd child is definitely different, because I'm not looking to checkmark goals off of my list, but simply to pursue those things that are enjoyable about learning.  The rest can come later!  (My poor first born daughter; although we also did many enjoyable things, I did many of them with checkmarks in mind.  Zoo? Check.  Firestation visit? Check.  Poor kid, lol).

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