Friday, April 20, 2012

Tenative Plans

With 5 weeks left of the school year, I'm looking at plans for next year.  I'm hoping to spend time over the summer organizing.  One of the most difficult challenges was finding 3 hours a week (or more) pulling together lesson plans.  Another challenge was giving daily spelling lessons, and anything else that needed teaching on a daily basis.  To alleviate some of the time and stress involved, I'm choosing subjects that are planned for me, or DVD lessons that teach for me.  Here's the (tenative, subject to change as the wind blows) plans:

Short version: Horizons Math, Winston Grammar, Essentials in Writing DVDs, Spell to Write & Read w/ Companion CDs, Elemental Science Earth / Space, MFW Exploring Countries & Cultures

Math: Horizons Math - we'll continue with Horizons 6 & 4

Grammar: Winston Grammar - we'll continue where we left off this year

Writing: Essentials in Writing (DVD & workbook lessons)

Spelling:  Spell to Write & Read with Companion CDs
I've been debating between continuing with Sequential Spelling (but buy the DVD lessons) or switching to Spell to Write and Read.  Yeah, I know.  Every year I talk about switching back to SWR, lol.  But SWR has companion CDs - it only requires the teacher once per week; the rest can be done independently from the CDs.

Science: Elemental Science Biology / Earth & Space
We'll hopefully finish Elemental Science Biology for the Logic Stage this summer.  If not, I plan to finish it next year.  I may add some sort of Health to the Human Body units.  Then, we'll get Elemental Science Earth & Space for the Logic Stage.  I'd like to incorporate more "just for the fun of it" science experiments, maybe a sci fair project.  That's all pretty head-in-the-clouds thinking, though.

Everything else:  MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures
Alright, so I'm a little nervous about this choice, and may change it.  But, it's all planned out for me.  It meets Z's goal to learn countries & cultures.  It brings some hands on into our day.  The kids will learn geography (something we've grossly ignored).  This should give us a nice schedule.  It is a complete Science, Social Studies, Bible, Reading/Literature program; however, for 7th & 8th graders, it recommends adding Jr High Science, and additional Reading/Lit.  It also recommends adding in Grammar, Spelling, & Writing.  It recommends Foreign Language, too, but we'll see on that.
A will be an older 6th / younger 7th grader.  I'm not sure if I will follow the plans for 7th grade, yet.  During bookbasket time, I'll add in her choices: American Girl Welcome to (series) from the library (Felicity's World is linked here).  If things are going well or if I need to increase her workload, I'll add in the 7th/8th gr supplment, with the literature and Progeny Press guides.

Additional "would be nice"s:
I have a book on Koine Greek (Teach Yourself New Testament Greek) that would be nice for the kids to go thru.  It's old and falling apart, though.
I've had my eye on Hands On Equations as a supplemental Pre-Algebra.

Thinking of trying Before Five in a Row (never felt the need for a book before, lol! But remember the pre-planned theme?)  We'll do the usual Library Storytimes, playdo, field trips, finger paint, counting whatever, and Leap Frog videos.  When she's ready, I'll print off my Scholastic Preschool cutting & tracing ebook (Little Kids Cut and PreK Scissor/Fine Motor Skills) .  I also have Miquon waiting (although I don't have the workbooks yet; probably another year before we are ready for these).  Did you know that CurrClick has Miquon workbooks in e-book format? (I'm obsessed with printable ebooks).

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