Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 28, 2011-2012

On Monday, I took the car in to get an oil change and the brakes fixed.  Wednesday morning, I got a quote on another fire place option (yes, that's been going on a lot lately).  Wednesday afternoon included A's rope swing breaking mid-swing, and she got a terrible rope burn on her hand (took the skin off two fingers, yuck).  AWANA was later that evening.  The 2yo, who seemed perfectly fine other than a runny nose and testing my limits, suddenly started screaming at 8:30pm and clutching her ear (ear infection).  Thursday was a trip to the dr's office for the 2yo, and then another appt for my dental cleaning.  Friday was swim day with our homeschool group, and then school at home. 
For Math, I have been letting the kids "test out" of sections of their math book.  There is a ton of review for material that is at least 2 grade levels behind.  That seems to be working well.  If they end up needing the review, we can back up to those skipped chapters and work on them.
Did the first few lessons in her Math book, said "hey, this is too easy", and then passed Test 1 with flying colors.  She worked on lesson 11 for Friday, but next week, we'll have a go at Test 2.
She completed through Day 114 (at least) in spelling.  I'll need to double check that for next week - since I was gone on Thursday, I'm out of the loop.

Z passed the first 3 tests in her math book without any trouble.  That's 30 lessons skipped!  I'm not sure why it is written so easy.  I know later math chapters will be astronomically difficult.  My thoughts are - "why spend 30 lessons on basic adding and subtracting when I know long division with a 2-digit divisor looms ahead?"  I'd rather have 30 extra school days to spend on the hard topics than the easy ones.  In Spelling, she would've gotten through Day 90, at least (need to double check this).
Four days of Daily Paragraph Editing was completed.  We did Winston Grammar through Week 11, which introduced Adjectives.  For Writing, they had to write a 1 page description of their day, write 1 page of their choice (journal, poem, story, comic), and a 2 pg double spaced paper on their choice of reptile.  Z wrote about snakes, and knows a ton about them from her co-op Reptiles class.  A wrote about snakes and how they are Biblically evil, are dangerous, and how much she hates them (I think this is a great prospect for a future "persuasive" paper, lol).  She really complained heartily about having to write it.
In Science, we beefed up the Reptiles week by adding in extra readings.  They read about Reptiles in general, defined 3 vocab words, answered comprehension questions, and labeled a sketch of reptile scales.  To fill out our week a bit, I added the rest of the pages after Reptiles: Tortoise/Turtles, Snakes, Alligators/Crocodiles. 
The kids attended Week 11 of Michigan History.  They completed worksheet 11.  Next week is their last week for this class.  They have really enjoyed the class, and I wish I could somehow harness this at home!


grandma said...

How wonderful! POTTY time LOL.Priceless picture there!Then theres A with her serious school face on peering over the laptop! Oh my at z with that huge weapon,(never realized those were that big or scary looking! awwww @ our georgie girl with her backpack on and going no where lol, but fun to wear!Grandma's girls are just precious!!I'm a pretty darn lucky grandma!

grandma said...

i forgot to say, Sarah great fish tail braid!!! Boy, does that bring back memories braiding your hair.Fish tail braids are awesome.