Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 27, 2011-2012

Finished her 5th gr math book - woohoo!  She completed Lesson 159 & 160 Probability and Test 16.  The only thing she struggled with was the Metric Measurement section, and I'm not too worried about that.  She also did Challenging Word Problems 3, completing 2 of the more difficult multiplication/division word problems.
She did Spelling days 105-108.  She did 4 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  She also did Winston Grammar weeks 8 & 9, which covers Nouns, Pronouns, Articles, Verbs (including linking, helping, & state of being), & also contractions that involve pronouns + verb (I will = I'll, He is = he's) and how to tackle labeling that in a sentence.  She did Encyclopedia J-K.

She is bored in math and only has about 10 lessons left and is eager to move on!  So we're skipping those and going right into 4th gr.  I may or may not skip the first bunch of lessons in 4th gr, because it's really easy review. 
I believe she did days 85-87 in spelling.  She also did the same Daily Paragraph Editing, Writing, & Winston Grammar assignments.  She did Encyclopedia H.

For Science, they read about Amphibians in the Nature Encyclopedia.  They defined amphibian & tadpole.  They labeled a sketch of the lifecycle of a frog.  They answered comprehension questions about their reading.  They also wrote a 1 double spaced page about either Fish or Amphibians.
They attended Week 10 of Michigan History and completed the worksheet.
They both did a little writing from Descriptive Writing (Scholastic).  Although one day, Z wrote a poem.

Monday was gymnastics, and we've found a friend to trade rides with:)  This should make the long trip more do-able if we are swapping drive times.  Tuesday was MI History.  Wednesday was AWANA (but both kids are done with their books, so just review).  Thursday was my dental appt.  Friday was co-op, and we now have 2 classes left (sniff, sniff). 

We also had some amazingly gorgeous, un-characteristically summer-like weather.  We spent a lot of time OUTDOORS.  We have caught some amphibians at the swamp, and have been listening to their eardrum piercing sounds at night. 

Georgie:  she is less than 2 months away from turning 3.  She's already beginning to change her words ("yellow bands" are now more often called "band aids", "can't like" is now changing to "don't like").  She knows her colors pretty well, but still gets green and red confused.  She can sing her ABCs, emphasizing the name of each letter clearly, but cannot identify them yet (but that's ok, because I'd rather she learned letter sounds, NOT letter names).  She is beginning to develop a better sense of number.  Sometimes she can count things and land on the right number:)  Other times, there are only 2 numbers in existence: 1 or 2 (and in this case, 2 is any number more than 1, lol).  She sings the cutest songs.  She sings If all the little raindrops...and the correct words are -
"If all the little raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops / Oh what a rain that would be / I would stand outside with my mouth open wide / ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh..."
But Georgie sings it like this:
"Little little drop drops / Open Mouth! / ahhh ahh ahhh ahhh..."
There's also Mary Had a Little Lamb - "Mary had a Mary went, Mary went, Mary went, Mary had a Mary went..."
I know someday I will miss all these little treasures!

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