Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 26, 2011-2012

Our Week:
Tuesday night was MI History,
Wednesday was AWANA (Z finished her book, yay!),
Thursday, we had a class planned at Moose Tree (Michigan Signs or something like that), but had to cancel it because our chimney was damaged in the wind storm and we had to have someone come out to fix it.  In reality, the guy arrived late, so we could've gone, but we didn't know that at the time.  In the afternoon, we had our Homeschool Parent Support Meeting (and *then* the chimney guy arrived).
Friday, we got our taxes done in Mount Pleasant, stopped for lunch at Tops Asian Buffet in Flint (I highly recommend that place!), and then met with homeschool friends at the Sloan Museum in Flint. We saw the traveling dinosaur exhibit.
Saturday, the kids had King's Kids practice at church and their songs were recorded.

In Math, she did 6 of the Multiplication/Division Challenging Word Problems.  She completed Lessons 154 Circle/Pie Graphs, 155 Coordinate Graphs, 156 Range & Mean, 157 Mode, and 158 Median.  She was stuck on a few of the median problems, but since she was doing math on our road trip on Friday, I wasn't able to help her with it.  In Spelling, she did Days 99-104.  She did 4 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  She finished CLP's Exploring American History by reading Chapter 38.  We started back with Science this week, going into Unit 4 Vertebrates in Elemental Science Logic Stage Biology.  She read about Fish, diagrammed fish insides, defined vocab words, and answered comprehension questions.  We'll hook up with friends soon to do the experiment.  She attended Michigan History and completed Worksheet 9.  She did 4 days of Encyclopedia J-K (she did all of these on Monday so that she wouldn't have to work on them).  She did 3 writing assignments from Scholastic's Descriptive Writing book (you can get these as e-books when they have their dollar days).  She designed an Unusual House (her's was a refrigerator house), made shape-words, and wrote a paragraph using descriptive words.  We also picked back up with Winston Grammar, working on Weeks 7 & Quiz (but I counted it as extra practice, since we took such a long break from it).

Z did many of the same things above.  She did the same Daily Paragraph Editing, History, MI History, Science, Writing, and Grammar.  She did 4 days of Encyclopedia H.  She finished her AWANA book for the year (yay!!!).  In Spelling, she did Days 81-83.  In Math, we combined a few lessons: 139/141, 140/142, 143/144, 145, and she did half of 146.  I think she is really ready to move into 4th gr math now.  I think we will continue to combine until we finish the book.  She was introduced to simple long division problems where there is renaming (I think that is the proper name for it).  An example problem is: 186/4.  4 cannot go into 1, so it must go into 18. She is also practicing Reducing Fractions, but still needs quite a bit of hand holding to do it.  She is getting better at it, though.  One other option would be to start 4th gr math, but to continue working through short sections of the 3rd gr book.  4th gr has a ton of review.

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