Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Review Week 25, 2011-2012

We had 2 meetings, AWANA, and co-op to attend this week.  I cancelled gymnastics due to a schedule conflict and we still have these lingering coughs.  Monday's meeting was for homeschoolers to talk about the homeschool-public school partnerships that are arising; is this a good thing or a bad thing?  What are the implications on our rights as homeschoolers?  Wednesday's meeting was with the superintendent of the school district to find out what our area offers to homeschools (new program for homeschoolers; i.e., another partnership type of thing).  Friday was co-op, and Z left with a sore throat and a low grade fever:(  I feel like we've had our fair share of illnesses this winter and I'm ready to be done!!

In Math, we reviewed Metric measurement conversions (fun, fun).  She did lessons 149-152.  Lesson 149 & 150 covered Problem Solving involving conversions.  We briefly reviewed the percentage questions on Test 15 - I hope to review percentages periodically.  Since percentages aren't taught until the very end of the grade level, there is very little review of these things, but I think it is important to know well.  Lessons 151 and 152 covered bar graphs and line graphs.  She did about 2 story problems from Challenging Word Problems 3.  We did Spelling through day 97.  We also brought Daily Paragraph Editing back into our mix, and did 4 days of that.  We beefed up History a bit so that we can finish our history book:  she read chapters 34-37, which covers all of the things that occurred in 1900's until present.  She also attended MI History and completed Week 8's worksheet.  She did J-K Encyclopedia.  We added in Writing: the kids had to write 1 page double spaced, and one day they had to pick a writing and edit it with me.  They can write their 1 double spaced page very quickly, so I think we'll be beefing that assignment up soon, as well.

She also read all of chapter 6 in her babysitter's handbook for co-op, and is working on her Duct Tape end of the year project:)

Did Horizons Lessons 135-138.  She is doing well with simple long division with remainders (ex: 97 / 4).  In some ways, I think she is ready to bump up into Horizons 4; on the other hand, the first 40+ lessons are too easy and I think we may lose some ground with all of the basic review.  So we are plugging away thru the end of 3rd grade, since it is currently more challenging than the beginning of the 4th gr book (4th grade ramps up by book 2; however, it seems to go from super easy to super hard).  She completed 7 sections at AWANA and has 3 sections left to go.  She began making a diorama of the story of the Ethiopian eunuch sitting in the chariot - she needs to do this for her AWANA book.  I think her diorama is going to turn out really neat (I helped her make a chariot).  She did Spelling through day 80 assessment.  I've noticed that the kids tend to get quite a few words wrong whenever we do assessments.  Argh.  She had some catching up to do in MI History; last week she did Week 7; this week she did Week 6 and 8.  She also read the same history chapters as her sister; 34-37.  We have 1 chapter left in the book and then will focus on science.  She did H Encyclopedia.  She also did the same Daily Paragraph Editing assignments and writing assignments.

I've found that when they focus, they can get their schoolwork done in under 2 hours.  I'm hoping to add A LOT MORE WORK to their daily grind.  I'm also hoping to balance housework and daily chores better.  There is a lot of room for improvement.

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