Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 24, 2011-2012

This was our last week before our 1 week break.

The kids spent over a week working on their Valentine's boxes for our homeschool group party.  I think I'll count that as "Art" for the year!  It was a massive undertaking with paint everywhere.  I didn't get a photo before the boxes were destroyed, so I had to cobble them together and will offer a description of the finished product:
A's box was a stack of classic literature.  The Bible is open with a red bookmark.  She has mostly classic lit books, but included a few homeschool books, too, like The Well Trained Mind:)

Z's box has obviously been destroyed so she could get the goodies within.  In it's glory days, it was a replicate of Calvary, with three crosses.  The cross in front had a white cloth draped over it.  We tried to talk her into putting John 3:16 on there, to tie a "love" theme with Valentine's Day, but she was just done making it at that point.
We had MI History on Tuesday, AWANA on Wednesday, and our homeschool Valentine's bowling party on Friday.

In Math, she did lessons 141 Standard Measure, 142 Standard Weight, 143 Standard Liquid Measure, 144 Standard Temperature, and 145 Metric System.  I think she did 1 day of Challenging Word Problems.  She did day 85 & 86 in Spelling.  She worked on Codecademy.  And she finished reading Abraham Lincoln (ch. 32 Exploring American History).

In Math, she can now do simple long division problems (no remainder) without my help.  She did lessons 128 - 131 and included the test that comes after lesson 130. She did 1 day of spelling (day 74).  She did Codecademy and piano.  She finished ch 32 on Abraham Lincoln.  She completed 3 sections in AWANA.

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