Tuesday, February 28, 2012

School interviews

Every year, I like to interview the kids about their interests/goals.  Here is our most recent interview results:

Math - begin 6th gr math.  We have Horizons 6 ready to go!
Writing - no specific writing goals
Reading - devote some school time to reading from a booklist.  She selected these books to start:  Lord of the Rings (finish), Two Towers, Return of the King.  She'd also like to re-read Heidi, because it's terribly boring but leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling:)  The Girl Who Could Fly is also on the list (Z loves this book and is begging A to read it).
Science - she would like to watch video experiments and then do the experiments, like when we did Sonlight Science.
History - doesn't really like history at all, but if she had to chose, she'd learn more about Michigan history.
Art/Music - would like to do more crafts; scrapbooking, crocheting.  Music - doesn't like piano lessons, but would like to take voice lessons.

Math - 4th gr math (also on the shelf, ready to go!)
Writing - Likes writing 1 page, writing 2 pages gives her a headache.
Reading - prefers to read 1 chapter per day, would like to read the Cooper family series (its a kids series by the same author of This Present Darkness)
Science - would like to focus on Life science and taking care of living things (plants, animals)
History - would like to study Greece (Greece history, Geography, language, food, etc.)  She'd like to study the greek language.  She'd also like to study other geographical locations with a focus on cooking new recipes from around the world.
Art/Music - piano (would like to develop this talent more), would like to learn how to draw and paint, would also like to do more crafts (any crafts, nothing specific).

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