Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Review Week 22, 2011-2012

Two more weeks until break time again:) We had a great, but busy week.
Monday: gymnastics, Tuesday: field trip to Flint Children's Museum and then our Michigan History class in the evening, Wednesday:  AWANA, Thursday: Homeschool Parent Support Meeting, Friday: nothing planned!

In Math, she did some of the more challenging Challenging Word Problems.  One in particular, daddy and mama sat for quite some time trying to come up with a working algebraic equation to solve it:)  In Horizons 5th gr, she completed  Lesson 132 Multiplying Decimals, 133 Dividing Decimasl, 134 Dividing Decimals Working with Zeros, 135 Understanding Percent, and 136 Percent & Decimals.
Passed 5 sections in AWANA (was aiming for 7, but she's close to having it).
In Spelling, she did the Day 80 assessment, and did Days 81 & 82 in spelling.  She did J-K Encyclopedia, piano, and 1 lesson in Codecademy.

In Math, she did a few lessons in Singapore 3a.  She calls it the "easy math" but says she likes Horizons much better, even though it's harder. I'm not sure how long I'll insist on using 2 math programs with her, lol.  In Horizons, she completed Lessons 120-123, including Test 12 (we didn't realize it was a test and treated it like a worksheet, oops).  I see "long division" looming ahead of us next week, where she'll need to learn how to "bring down".  Say a prayer for us, that's a toughey!
She left her book at AWANA but still managed to pass 3 sections.
She did Spelling days 68-71.  She did H Encyclopedia, piano, and Codecademy (finished lesson 1 - which has 8 sublessons, and even more sub-sublessons). 

Both: Michigan History and the homework for it.  For American History, they read about Sam Houston (ch 29) and Capt Gray (Ch 30) from the CLP book. 

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