Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 21, 2011-2012

Tues: MI History.  Wed: AWANA.  Fri: Co-op.  Sat: Kings Kids musical practice

In math, she finished the first 10 practice story problems from Singapore's Challenging Word Problems 3.  She began the Challenging section of story problems and did not like it.  In Horizons Math 5 book 2, she did Lesson 126 Estimation of Decimals, Lesson 127 Addition of Decimals...and then we skipped a few lessons and jumped to Test 13 (she scored very high), and finished the week with Lesson 131 Multiplying Decimals.  She got a few wrong on her test with Ratios - she is really struggling with *reading* the problem, lol.  If she would just stop, read, and think about it first, she'd get them all right.  In AWANA, she finished all of Discovery 6 (she needs to get through 7 and 8 before she is done for the year, and each discovery has 7 sections - so 14 left before she is done! yay!)  In Spelling, she did Days 74-80.  She worked on Encyclopedia J-K.  She practiced piano and codecademy.  In codecademy, she got through the first Lesson (broken into 8 exercises, and those exercises have about 4 lessons).  She got stuck several times, often finding her own way out or experimenting with it.  She had to help me through a few lessons.

In Math, I'm making her use 2 math programs.  I know, I'm mean.  I want her to see those numbers in different ways, so she can understand different ways of presentation.  She did the first 3 exercises in Singapore Primary Math 3a, which was place value.  In Horizons 3 book 2, she is mastering division problems with remainders (ex: 34 / 7) and getting very good at them!  She also caught on to reducing fractions this week.  Those are 2 big topics and I'm pretty happy with that.  She did lessons 116-119.  In Spelling, she did days 62-67.  She did Encyclopedia H.  She practiced piano and codecademy.  In codecademy, she is in the middle of if/else statement lessons.

Both:  They attended the Michigan History class (12 week class that meets weekly), and completed their homework.  They read chapters 27 & 28 in Exploring American History (CLP).  They'll have co-op on Friday.

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