Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 19, 2011-2012

Are we there yet? LOL.
I was sick all last week with chest congestion, sinus congestion, and NO VOICE.  It was rough, but we made it.  We did "whisper school". 

In Math, she completed lesson 118 (Multiply to find equal ratios), lesson 119 (Dividing to find equal ratios), Lesson 120 (ratios and the calculator), and Test 12.  She took 2 days to complete the test and scored 90%.  The test covered Fractions (everything you could ever know about fractions).  She wasn't able to complete any sections for AWANA (the first section had 4 long verses to memorize, and she didn't quite have them all down pat).  She completed days 61-66 in Spelling.  We did 3 days of Spelling, and she does 2 lists per day.  The kids had to give their spelling lists to each other, since I had no voice:)  She read Chapters 20-22 in History.  She also did Encyclopedia J-K.

In Math, she completed a blank multiplication chart, 30 multiplication facts, and 30 division facts.  She did this daily.  I think she is getting better at her facts, although I think 6s-9s still trip her up.  She passed 2 sections in AWANA.  She completed days 55-57 in Spelling (we did 3 days of spelling, and she does 1 list per day).  She read chapters 21-23 in History.  She did Encyclopedia H.

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