Monday, January 16, 2012

Sequential Spelling review

Here is a photo that shows how we use Sequential Spelling.  The gyst of the program is that kids will pick up the patterns of words as they go.  You start with something small like "in", "sin", "spin" and eventually build up the pattern to include "begin" and "beginning".  The idea is that kids will naturally learn the rules as they see the patterns.  However, I tweak this a bit:)  I DO discuss spelling rules as we go.  Also, I use my colors a bit differently:

Sequential Spelling now has videos that you can purchase to give the spelling lists for you.  It is a computer run DVD, and it shows the words with roots in a different color.  With a word like "spinning", SS highlights the pattern "inn".  However, I highlight the pattern as "in" and then reinforce the spelling rule that when a short vowel word adds an ending, you double the consonant - so, in "spinning", you start with the short vowel word "spin", double the "n", and add "ing". 

There are about 25 words per day.  When the kids really know a pattern and can put endings on that pattern easily, I will keep the number of words at 25, but combine two lists together.

So far, I like Sequential Spelling.  I have a hard time giving the lists, because the 2yo is usually clinging and screaming during spelling time.  I'm not sure why that is (she doesn't like spelling?)  In a perfect world, I would just hand our daily spelling lists off to the DVD and be done with it.  I might resort to that, depending on how many bad days in a row we have:)  But for me, Spelling is one of those subjects I stay involved in so that the kids learn their spelling rules. 

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Homeschooling6 said...

My son Josh is using SS too and he said he is seeing patterns. Yay! This is my child who struggles with spelling. I have him use the dvds though because as much as I like being involved with their school it's hard but since our house is small and everyone can hear everyone's lesson I think some of those rules are sinking in. I use AAS with my younger four. Just the other day my dd said, that the Shurley Jingle helped her with her grammar lesson and she isn't using Shurley but Analytical Grammar.

I enjoy your post, keep up the good work with the children:)

Have a good week,