Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 16, 2011

Tuesday:  horse riding lessons and a sleepover in the evening.  The kids did 2 days of school on Monday to make up for our full Tuesday.
Wednesday:  kids were sleepy and ended up working on AWANA and resting.
Thursday & Friday: the kids had to make up 3 days of school in two days:p 
Friday: our homeschool group had a Christmas party at the roller skating rink.  Dh took the 2yo so that Mama could go skating:)  It was a blast and I really enjoyed skating!!

Here's what we accomplished:
A:  Completed lessons 104-108 in her math book.  These lessons focused on fractions - adding and subtracting, with unlike denominators.  She completed 3 sections in her AWANA book.  She has been very frustrated with AWANA this year, so she came up with her own solution: she plans to work on AWANA for 1 hour every day and finish her book early.  She did 5 days of Spelling (Day 52 - 56).  She completed 2 weeks of Science (Weeks 10 & 11), except we'll do the experiments with a friend next week.  She completed 5 days of Encyclopedia (J-K).

Z: Completed lessons 101-105 in her math book.  She is beginning to learn reducing fractions, but with pictures and lots of mathbook hand-holding.  She passed 5 sections in AWANA.  She completed 5 days of Spelling (Days 46-50).  She completed the same lessons as her big sis in Science.  She completed 5 days of Encyclopedia (H), which included Hari Kari (Chinese form of suicide, lol).  Gotta love encyclopedia...She wrote a few of her many thank-you and penpal letters last week.  We still have 2 more to go!

The kids also practiced Piano in our relaxed, non-schooly way. 

We did a few things different this week.  I made a schedule of 5 days of school, with the expectation that they would get the schoolwork done, no matter what (notice, we had a sleepover - but I did not want this to affect school).  We also held meetings with Daddy over the phone a few days to go over what we needed to accomplish.  I think it was a very successful week.  If the kids were behind in their schoolwork according to the schedule, no Webkinz or movies were allowed.  They caught up Friday evening and have been playing Webkinz all day Saturday.

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