Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 15, 2011

Finished thru lesson 103 in Horizons Math 5.  This week introduced changing the denominator in unlike fractions in order to add or subtract.  She also practiced some multiplication problems with 3 digit by 3 digit: 273 x 115.
She did 2 spelling lists this week (day 50 & 51)
She completed Lesson 9 in Science, although we did not do the science experiment yet.  It was about the parts of a plant.  The experiment is supposed to be about growing monocot and dicot plants from seed.
She completed 4 days of encyclopedia, and practiced 3 days of AWANA (passed 2 sections).

Next week, I hope she will complete 104 Add/Sub Mixed Numbers, 105 Improper Fractions to Mixed, 106 and 107 Renaming Improper Fractions in Sums, and (if we're really good) 108 Subtraction of Mixed Numbers.

She finished thru lesson 100, including the test.  She learned how to do Area (counting squares and by multiplication).  She also learned division of slightly bigger numbers (66 / 3, 88 / 2, etc.).  She also practiced roman numerals, telling time, and multiplication of bigger numbers 1 digit by 5 digit (41319 x 3).
She did week 9 of Science (see A)
She did _ days of spelling (45?)
4 days of encyclopedia, and 3 days of AWANA practice (finished 4 sections).

Next week, I hope she will complete lessons 101 (Writing mixed & improper fractions), 102 (Lines of symmetry), 103 (ratios, I need to look ahead!), 104 (different ways to count coins), and 105 (eek! reducing fractions).  I put these lesson topics in parenthesis because the 3rd gr Horizons doesn't actually "name" their lessons like 5th gr. 

Both kids have been working thru their piano books independently.  I'm not sure if this has been advantageous or not.

We had gymnastics on Monday.  Georgie had a dr appt on Wednesday.  She is 28 lbs and 36 1/4 inches tall.  We had a playdate afterwards at McDs playarea.  We baked Christmas cookies and Trilobite cookies for Christmas and as part of the cookie exchange on Friday at co-op.  We had co-op on Friday.

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