Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 14, 2011

This was a short week with Thanksgiving weekend.  The kids did 3 full lessons of Math (I think A finished lesson 100?).  I had Z skip one or two lessons in Math to get her into more challenging work: two digit division (divided by one number evenly, such as 24 / 2).  The kids did encyclopedia every day, and some work in AWANA (although I had forgotten that we had a week break from AWANA this week, oops). 

On Wednesday, I had an eye doctor appt.  The kids didn't get to school until I got home.

We put our Christmas tree up.  We have the yearly tradition of giving that job to the kids.  This year, the kids pulled everything out of storage,  put the tree together themselves, plugged everything in, decorated, and then put empty boxes back into storage:)  I'm glad the kids are able to do all that, because if it were all dependent on me, we'd never get around to the Christmas tree!  Now I just need to give the kids some recipes and have them do my Christmas baking, lol.

Next week, we have gymnastics on Monday.  On Wednesday, we have a doctor appt and possible playdate, with AWANA in the evening.  We'll have our last co-op before Christmas break on Friday.  Full week!

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