Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 13, 2011

I'm falling behind in my statuses!  We took a 1 week break (2 weeks ago).  Last week we finished Week 13.  Week 13 saw rough times.  We all had colds that lasts about 2 weeks per person.  I'm also struggling to find any time to develop lesson plans (it really doesn't take me long, but finding that time - alone - has been impossible).  If I don't have time for lesson plans, I certainly don't have time or peace in the house to teach them.  I am looking at other options, more independent options for the kids.  My kids need an education, but I'm not in a place to give that education to them.  I hate unschooling.  Wait, I take that back... I love unschooling if one child is a future chemist and is getting up at 8am to experiment in the basement, and if the other child is a future astronomer, and spends her evenings charting the skies:)  I do not have those children; I have rather normal children that don't do a whole lot to seek knowledge.  They are too busy seeking time to play Webkinz (and no, I don't value Webkinz as a learning tool).  So, that said, here was our week:

We had gymnastics on Monday.  AWANA was Wednesday.  A new fridge was delivered on Thursday.  And Friday was co-op.

A got through lesson 97 in Math.  This involved a lot of Fraction work: comparing fractions, adding/subtracting like fractions, reducing fractions, and mixed numbers.

Z got through lesson 91 (she only did half of 91, not sure what happened there).  This included writing mixed numbers, improper fraction, and it's decimal equivalents. 

The kids did 1 day of science (I had them pick a science book, read, and then illustrate something they learned).  The kids did 4 days of encyclopedia (they read 3 pages and write 1 sentence for every entry).  They did AWANA practice and worked in their books.  They did Piano and Typing.

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