Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 12, 2011

Yay! We made it through Week 12! Next week, we are taking a one-week break:)
A: finished through lesson 93 in Math, and focused on Equivalent Fractions and Common Factors/Greatest Common Factor.  She finished through Day 49 in Spelling.  Note to self: she is ready to bounce back into doing 2 lists per day when we start back.  Grammar covered contractions that involve both noun and verb (I'll = I [pronoun] and will [verb]).  She has been practicing typing, although we stopped that by Wednesday, in favor of NaNoWriMo. 

Z: finished through lesson 88, which began Mixed Numbers and has been working on Perimeter.  She finished through day 42 in Spelling (-ove and -ow words).  She began typing lessons.  For Grammar, she learned about verbs, including states of being (yeah, that's a tough one...)

Both: We did History Pockets, Pocket #3 with George Washington crossing the Delaware, and the Declaration of Independence.  The girls began writing a novel for NaNoWriMo.  They also began a new Daddy-given assignment: Encyclopedia.  Each day, they read 3 pages from an encyclopedia, and then write 1 sentence for every entry.  Some days they have a lot of writing to do, and some days very little.

Sidenote: our science project from a few weeks ago involved growing mold on bread.  We *still* do not have mold on our bread.  I've tried re-watering the thing.  A tried wrapping it in a blanket and sticking it in the sun.  We have some really mold resistant bread!

Friday is co-op.

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