Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 8, 2011

Monday was a trip to the store for emergency science supplies, and gymnastics.  Wednesday night was AWANA.  Thursday and Friday were busy days for me - a dentist appt, and an appt to view pianos at the Flint Institute of Music. 
I think we accomplished 3-4 spelling lists this week.  We completed 5 math lessons.  We did 1 week of Grammar (A1 completed Week 5 and Z completed Week 3).  We did 1 day of History: started our History Pockets American Revolution project.  We created a Habitat diorama for Science.  We wrote definitions to words, and filled in a habitat chart.
Z keeping Georgie entertained with popcorn and cartoons while I work with Ay.  Except that Z isn't paying attn to G, and G is awfully bouncy...

It was Crazy Hair Night at AWANA.  Z carried a Rainforest in her hair (treefrog & trees)

Everyone painted their dioramas and Georgie had to paint, too!

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