Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 11, 2011

This week:

Ay worked through Lesson 89 in Math.  This covered Perimeter, Area, Volume, Surface Area, and Problem Solving (using all of these).  She finished through Day 46 in Spelling, including words such as broaden, abroad, overload, pay, and daily. 

Z worked through Lesson 84 in Math.  She is now doing basic algebra with multiplication.  For example, the problem 4 x n = 28 would be worked by dividing 4 on each side.  She writes this by putting a line underneath 4 x n and a line underneath 28.  This cancels out the 4, and creates a division problem: n = 28/4.  So far, she thinks this is easy:)  She finished Spelling Day 40 - next week will come the evaluation. 

Both kids finished the 4 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  The theme was Mount Rushmore and Chief Crazy Horse Memorial.  This was perfect timing with the Decoded show we watched last week, which delved into Gutzon Borglum's intentions behind Mount Rushmore, the Hall of Records hidden behind the memorial, and Mr. Borglum's involvement with the kkk.  Lots of history there:)

We did not cover history this week (although, see Daily Paragraph Editing and Decoded paragraph above).  Ay watched Transformers, Dark Side of the Moon.  Although I didn't realize just how much swearing was in this movie until watching it for the 2nd time with an 11yo (oops).  We did discuss the space mission and Chernoble - so we snuck in a little history, there, too.

In Science, we finished up Week 7 by filling in our glossary terms, and labeling the sketch of an algae.  We did Week 8 by reading about Ferns.  We filled in more glossary terms, labeled the sketch of the Fern Lifecycle, and watched this rather gross movie.  We probably won't do the experiment, becaues I do not have a fern plant, fern spores, or a microscope. 

The kids wrote letters this week.  Z begged me to find a penpal for her, and I roped her into writing 2 penpals!  Ay wrote "thank you" notes for her birthday gifts.  Both kids had to fill out their own envelopes.

Georgie (the pre-preschooler) is testing boundaries this week.  She is also teething those last 2 molars.  Coincidence? I think not.  I'm trying to discipline the bad behavior, all while being that loving mom that she needs me to be.  Our nights leave little to be desired, too.  But, I know someday I'll look back at those nights with her snuggled up on my chest (like a cat, lol!) and miss them.  These are such sweet days, and I truly am blessed to have them.

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