Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Review, Week 10 2011

Last week was mostly a Math and Science week.
Sunday - Ay turned 11!
Monday - my dentist appt, kids did Math and History Pockets.  I think they did Spelling, as well.  We started our Bread-Mold experiment (sprinkle water on bread, put in baggy).
Tuesday - Math, AWANA practice, Ay started typing (did 1 lesson this week).  We did Week 6 Science: Fungi.  We read about Fungi, filled in definitions, and the lifecycle of the fungus.
Wednesday - it took all day, but we managed Math and AWANA.  We had a Science focus - friends came over to look at swamp water under a microscope and fill in our experiment sheets for weeks 6 and 7.  Ay, Georgie, and I went to the swamp and gathered nasty water (lol) for the experiment.  Then, the friends went to AWANA with us (fulfilling one of our requirements for Ay's book, and 1/2 of a requirement for Z's book).
Thursday - day before co-op, crazy-day.  I still hadn't had time to get class materials gathered, so I left the kids with whatever they could manage of their schoolwork, while I got classes ready.
Friday - homeschool co-op classes.  Phew! It was a great, but very full day.

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