Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Review Week 10, 2011

Highlights from this week:  Gymnastics on Monday, Awana on Wednesday, and Homeschool Parent Support Meeting (with kids in tow) on Thursday.  Celebrating Ay's birthday on Saturday with friends, family on Sunday.  Real date is next Monday, though.
Math was about Circles & Compass, Graphing, Problem Solving, and Symmetry.  She finished through Lesson 81, which included taking a test and finishing Book 1 of Horizons 5th Gr.  She began Book 2 of 5th Gr on Friday.  She did 2 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  She did 5 days of Spelling, including Day 40 Evaluation (scored 18/20).  She finished through Day 43 in Spelling. She added Verbs to her list of items in Grammar (so now we practice finding Nouns, Articles, Pronouns, and Verbs).  This was Week 7 in Winston Grammar.  For History, she finished Pocket 1 Introduction to the Revolutionary War, and began Pocket 2.  She worked on the project for the Boston Massacre.  She finished her Italics workbook and will begin to learn Typing next week.

In Math, she practiced Equivalent Fractions.  This included turning 1 fraction into more equivalent fractions through multiplication, and also determining if two fractions are equivalent through cross-multiplying.  She finished through Day 37 in Spelling.  She finished Week 5 in Winston Grammar (Nouns, Articles, and Pronouns).  She did 2 days of Daily Paragraph Editing.  She is getting close to being done with Italics Handwriting (finished page 62 or 63, I think?) She worked on the same thing as Big Sis for History. 

We did not do Science this week, but will double up Weeks 6 & 7 next week.
Gorgeous weather this week! The kids love the tree swing.

Georgie ran upstairs, hopped onto Big Sis's bed and began "reading" a Babysitter's Club book, lol!

Attack of the fuzzies.  Mom thought it was a Good Idea to do school outside.  The kids found the cattails, and then nothing else was done.  Fuzzies everywhere!

The kids, deep in concentration at their schoolwork.  Dirty kitchen in the background.  Moments later, the kids launch into a song - "Something happens that I'm head-over-heels..." (Tears for Fears).  Wish I had captured this on video, instead, lol!

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