Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Day In Pictures - Friday, Week 11, 2011

Thought I would try the same day, same report, but in pictures. Except I got the pics in reverse chronological order, so you'll have to scroll to the bottom and read UPWARDS.  If I didn't have a 2yo, I'd actually fix this.

PIC 8: I finally got the kids' science books organized with the Pro-Click.  They are decorating their covers.

PIC 7: We went outside to swing for a bit and grab the mail.

PIC 6: Z did Daily Paragraph Editing while Georgie scooted across the table with uncooked Ramon Noodles to munch on.  This stayed with her until naptime, and finally got handed back to me once she was in her crib.  Shortly thereafter, lurking dog opened Georgie's bedroom door, and naptime was over.

PIC 5: Georgie had a Big Fit, so we were on the floor duking it out (just before pic was taken).  I handed the school materials to Ay and said, "here, do Spelling with Z"

PIC 4: Score! Dog gets peanut butter.

PIC 3: Pancakes for breakfast

PIC 2: Dog gets closer

PIC 1: Georgie got an empty peanut butter container and enjoyed dipping her finger in and licking it (breakfast).  Notice dog lurking in the background.

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