Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday - Tuesday, Week 11, 2011

Monday was a day of errands.  Kids sort of read science in the car, did Math at home, and worked on AWANA in the evening.  The dog got groomed (that resulted in 2 hour long trips for that alone).  Costco was visited for its Once A Year really good deal coupon on baby wipes, that is only good for a two week span.  Salvation Army was shopped; Ay purchased 4 pairs of pants, and Z purchased 1 pair.  Our grand total for 5 pants was $23.  One pair was a brand new, tags on pair of jeans that were sold in stores for $30, but I paid $5 for them.  Not too bad...
Tuesday was our first FULL day of school in awhile.  Spelling list 44 for Ay, and 38 for Z.  Ay took a Grammar test, and we both struggled through it (ugh - and we've only covered nouns, articles, pronouns, and verbs.  How hard can it be???)  We did Day 1 of 4 in Daily Paragraph Editing, which has a Mount Rushmore theme to it (perfect, considering we just watched the Decoded episode on Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument - awesome tie in!)  Ay did lesson 1 of typing again - she's not liking typing.  But that's ok, she doesn't like anything remotely educational, so we'll grin and bear it.  Z spent a long time developing her handwriting during spelling, so we skipped the handwriting workbook.  Ay wrote a thank-you note to her friends for the birthday gift.  Z got a new penpal and wrote an introductory letter over the weekend.  Both kids had to address the envelope themselves.  Yes, that counts as school.  Z finished Book 1 of 2, for Horizons Grade 3.  I let her skip lesson 80 after doing the test.  She scored 43/44 (98%) on her test, and I felt she was ready to move into Book 2 today.  Ay is getting better at long division.  I have her complete 3 of whatever problems are on the page, and then she checks with a calculator.  Any that she gets wrong, we re-work together.  The kids worked on their AWANA verses - Ay is beginning Section 3, and Z will be finishing up Section 2.  As long as we get through Section 5 before Christmas break, we will be moving at an even pace, and should finish our books on time.  For Science, they read about Algae and Lichens.  They wrote the definitions for 3 science vocab words (algae, lichen, photosynthesis).  They filled out the diagram on the Anatomy of a Bladder Wrack (I don't even know what this is, but it sounds cool).  This was week 7's work.

I will add one more lesson.  At the store last week, Z insisted she had $10 to spend on a tiny Littlest Pet Shops (think Squinkies, only with a Pet Shops theme).  I think it's all ridiculously overpriced, but let her have fun with her earnings.  We got home and she only had $7 to her name.  So we learned about negative numbers, and how she now has $-3.00, LOL.  I guess there is no better way to learn negative numbers than to be in debt:)

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