Friday, October 28, 2011

Hitting the big one

Last year, I lasted 3 weeks on my "we're going to hit the books" campaign before petering out.  Maybe I'm getting stronger, because this year, I've lasted at least 8 weeks, maybe 10.  We're finishing week 11, and I have officially hit "the big one".  This is that big gigantic wall that looms between you, world peace, and homeschool accomplishment.  And we are there, now.

Maybe it's the uncertainty of dh's job.
Maybe it's the messy house that I desire to clean, but stays out of reach.
Maybe it's all the outside stuff creeping in:
Kids need Halloween costumes by Monday
We all needed the dentist
2yo needs a pediatrician appt
Dog needed grooming
Kids need clothes

Maybe it's my itchy rash that I broke into two weeks ago (allergy? detergent?).
Or maybe it's the prednisone (used to treat the itchy rash)

I suspect that this year, it is the Two-Year-Old.  When I say I have a two-year-old, I think you fail to understand the gravity of this situation.  I'm talking a 6 feet tall, 200 lb toddler with a strong will.  This Two-Year-Old has new phrases when I say "please come down the stairs", such as "I'd rather not." (Imagine this said in a very grown-up, sophisticated voice).  (note: she isn't actually 6ft tall, 200 lbs, but it feels like that when we're!)

Our morning routines look a bit like this -
Z: "Mom, I need help with math" (as 2yo climbs on table and begins drawing on math)
Me: (scooping 2yo off of table) "first you do this -"
Ay: "Stop hitting me!" (2yo is on the table, smacking Ay with reckless abandon)
Me: "Don't hit, time out" (scoops screaming 2yo, sets in corner).  2yo looks like orphaned refugee from a battle zone, arms out-reached, crying, creeping across the floor.

This is all very well, and Mom is trying to be Consistent (because we know Consistency is the source of all that is right in the world).  Except that the above scenario gets carried out All. Morning. Long.  and All. Afternoon.  and Into. Dinnertime.  These times are interspersed with "hey, where's Georgie?", only to see that she's climbed the top of the stairs, is standing on the baby safety gate, and swinging over the stairs.  Or, all the couch cushions have been tossed off of the couch, and the 2yo is now jumping on the (cushionless) couch with all of her might.

We aren't accomplishing much.  I am compromising our lessons ("sure, we only got 2 subjects done, but let's be done"). This week brought us Molars and a horrible time teething.  Mom and kid are camping on her bedroom floor, where she crawls up on my chest in the night and sleeps there.

I've developed a nervous eye twitch that began last week, and continues through this one.  I'm seriously considering....something different.  Go back to Time 4 Learning?  Adopt the Robinson Curriculum?  I'm not sure what, but feel I need to eliminate some of the stressors here.  If I can get the kids doing more independent lessons, then that frees me up to focus on the 2yo, and maybe toss in the occasional load of laundry:) (Insert clouds scenario and castle in the sky: dreaming big) If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

I know I only have a 2yo once, and then these days are gone. She is such a wonderful, cuddly addition to our family, and I hesistate to give her up for adoption (lol! no, I really don't anticipate going that far).  Age two is such a fantastic age (if you can look beyond the temper tantrums).  She amazes me several times a day with her observations and growth.  I'm so thankful she is in my life!  But I would like to feel a little more accomplished at this homeschooling thing, lol!

I feel like such a wimp.  Many moms wrestle 5 kids or more and seem to manage just fine.  Yet, I've been conquered by this third little creature.  We'll hang in there through week 12, just like I said we would, but then we are taking a week break!

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