Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 7, 2011

We did:
2 science lessons (Week 3 Elemental Science)
4 math lessons (hope to do #5 on Saturday)
3-4 handwriting lessons
3 days of spelling
3 days of grammar
2 days of writing
1 day of history (I lost of history print outs, still need to clean the schoolroom and find them!)
2 AWANA sections passed
Friday is Homeschool Co-op Classes

A1 reached the "easy" sections on Time in Horizons Math.  Alas, it is not quite so easy... I think I'll need to go through her lessons and see where we need more practice.  She had some trouble with Elapsed Time.  I zoomed her ahead (at her request) to Lesson 4 in Grammar - she's now labeling articles, nouns, and personal pronouns.  She got through day 26 in Sequential Spelling.  She made a list of her favorite things (nouns) in Writing.  She finished reading the chapter on George Washington (and the Revolutionary War beginnings) in the CLP book, and wrote a summary (I still need to read it).  She read 4 pages in Science and made a science project on the Nitrogen Cycle.

Z did many of the same things, except she's a few lessons slower in Sequential Spelling and Winston Grammar.  Her math covered equivalent fractions, both pictorial, and an introduction to multiplying the fraction to get equiv fractions.  She also had to take numbers like 3 x 16 and solve by stretching it into 3 x (10 + 6) = (3 x 10) + (3 x 6) = 30 + 18 = 48.  She was a bit confused by this at first, but caught on on the 2nd day of it.  She also read the same 4 pages in Science and made a science project on the Carbon Cycle.

Georgie is pictured below being cute and cooperative during school. These are rare photos of rare moments, LOL!  Here she is trying out all the crayon colors and peeling the papers off:
Yay! She can do sorting bears now!

Sitting on A1's desk and playing with crayons.

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