Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 6 Review, 2011

We finished:
5 Math lessons (Z will finish her 5th today)
4 Spelling lessons
1 Grammar
1 Writing
2 Science (Week 2)
1 History (American Revolution)
2-3 Handwriting lessons
2 sections of the AWANA handbook
A1 finished up the sections on long division in Math, and began a much easier section in time zones and shapes.  She's very happy about that! lol.  She completed through Day 20 in Spelling.
Z began the section on equivalent fractions in Math.  She is also doing 1-digit by 2-digit multiplication with regrouping. She completed through Day 18 in Spelling.
For Science, we went to a friend's house and found leaves.  We used a dichotomous key to identify our leaves.  We filled out the experiment worksheet. We read 2 pages about Classification and learned the mnemonic device: King Philip Can Only Find Green Shoes (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species).  We wrote definitions for Classification, Kingdom, and Species.
In History, we are reading the chapter on George Washington.  It covers the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  They read through the Boston Tea Party.  They will read about Paul Revere next week.
In Writing, we read about newspapers and completed an application for employment at the "newspaper".  Our Grammar covered Articles (the, a, an) and Nouns.  Z had a little trouble understanding the word "an", and also understanding that "and" was not an article.  We'll go through the lessons a bit slower.  A1 caught on right away.  I may bump her up to Week 2 next week after a little review.

A1 making eggrolls for me:)

Georgie playing with Z's goop from co-op (glue + laundry soap)
Our week was ridiculously busy!  Wednesday night was AWANA.  Thursday was a dental cleaning at 8:45am, errands, and lunch at McDonalds.  We cleaned the house and then the kids left for a sleepover at 5pm.  I had a Homeschool Support Meeting in the evening.  Friday involved picking up two very tired children and trying to fit in another math lesson.

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