Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 5/6 BREAK TIME!

Last week, we took a 1 week break.  Here's a recap of our week:
Sunday: we had a great big Halo party in our newly finished theatre room.  The kids enjoyed running around everywhere and playing with friends. I enjoyed visiting with grown-ups.  Dh enjoyed shooting guests and being shot at. 
Monday: Labor Day, and Sleep In Day:) 
Tuesday: went to Dairy Queen for our annual tradition of First Day of School (public school).  We use our free ice cream coupons from participating in the Library Summer Reading Program to commemorate the First Day of Public School (and to celebrate that my kids didn't leave on that yellow school bus).
Wednesday: AWANA signup
Thursday: Go crazy gathering everything for co-op.
Friday: First day of co-op!
Saturday: our local homeschool group had a Not Back to School picnic.
The kids LOVED their classes.  A1 is taking Babysitting, Art Masterpieces, Chess, and Duct Tape.  Z is taking Destruction (they take apart electronics stuff to see how it works), Kids' Concoctions (science chemistry, aka making gooey things), Design Technology (making cars that go), and Rockin' Reptiles (where Z gets to hold, touch, and learn about reptiles).
We enjoyed our week off.
First day of public school (but we're at Dairy Queen!)

the swing and fountain at Dairy Queen

Not Back to School Picnic with Homeschool Group.  Georgie likes the "cow" (but it's actually a dog)

Unsocialized homeschoolers at the park.  Actually, they socialized quite well (for homeschoolers)

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