Friday, September 30, 2011

We Did Science!

Z working on the Meadow

A1 working on the Ocean

This week we studied Habitats using Elemental Science Logic Stage Biology. The kids had to define words such as ecology, food webs, etc. They read about Oceans, Coral Reefs, Wetlands, and Desiduous Forests, and filled out a chart with information about each one. They had to select one habitat and make a diorama. A1 chose Ocean. Z chose Meadow. Hopefully we'll finish our dioramas this week, leaving next week free for just the work, lol.

Ocean finished project

Ocean, showing the bottom creatures, including a seahorse, coral, and a Cheese Doodle (Freddie Fish, lol)

Meadow finished project, with deer, tree, and flowing river with rocks

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