Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Did Science!

Science always feels like such a monumental accomplishment, lol!  This week, we've been studying the life chain, water cycle, carbon cycle, and nitrogen cycle in Elemental Science Biology.  Instead of filling in the worksheet pictures with the cycles, I thought we would make our own project.  A1 was tasked with the Nitrogen Cycle.  Z was tasked with the Carbon Cycle.  Here are their projects:

A1's Nitrogen Cycle
We eventually put a clear plastic piece over top of A1's project so that things would stay intact.  I took the picture without the plastic, thinking it would look clearer. 

Z's Carbon Cycle, with a Lift-the-Flap Spinny-Wheel thingy

I took the wheel part off so we can see the great info underneath.
We watched a few YouTube movies about Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles:

Nitrogen Cycle (to the tune of Blue Eyes - I'm now loving that song)

Carbon Cycle (watched this several times, but I wasn't as keen on the "bad people causing Global Warming speal at the end)

The kids found this video (its a high school introductory science video to the tune of Carbon is a Girl's Best Friend).

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MICHELE said...

Very fun! I bet your kids loved the hand's on!