Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday/Tuesday Week 6

Wow...I can already see where I'm going to need to either -
1.) give the kids more independent work
2.) give less work
3.) give the same amount of work, but do less outside stuff
4.) do the same amount of work, but say NO a lot, to everyone and everything, and just become hermits inside our home.
5.) relax, breath deep, and carry around a paper bag for those moments of hyperventilating.

Finding balance is going to be hard. Maybe balance doesn't exist. Maybe I'm not doing enough, or organizing well, or focusing on the right things. Anyhow...

Monday - we tried to force in as much school in as little time as possible.  We had to leave at 12:20 in order to get to a friend's house on time to do Science.  Then, we had to leave their house at 2:10 for Gymnastics at 2:45.  Gymnastics is over at 4:45, and we don't get home until 5:45.  Long day.  We got half our math done, and read Science in the car.  AWANA verses got toted along, but I don't know if they got practiced. EEEeeek!!!!! We're supposed to get 2 sections done per week, and we haven't even cracked open the book yet.

Science was great, though, and worth the drive. The kids found leaves in the backyard and looked it up on this dichotomous key:
A1 had an oak and Z had a poplar.  They had to fill in a sheet with their procedure. Beforehand, the kids read about Classification of Living Things (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).

Gymnastics was fun, too.  The kids came home exhausted (and so did Mama).

Tuesday - crazy morning.  I sold my babyswing on Craigslist at 10am, and then went to the post office to track down my missing schoolbooks package.  (The books got delivered to the wrong house).  We didn't get started on school until around 11.  We managed to get done Math, Spelling, Daily Paragraph Editing, and finished up our Science.  For Science, we wrote the definitions to 3 vocab words, and then filled out the Classification chart.  We have yet to hit AWANA (gasp!!!)

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