Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Review New School Year

we started a new school year at the beginning of august. we will finish up time for learning until september. in addition to time for learning we have been doing the following:
horizons math,
daily paragraph editing
exploring american history,
and literature.

once september starts we will end time for learning and begin other subjects. We will add spelling, grammar, and science.  we will also add typing and handwriting.

I am also planning 36 weeks of school. we will work hard for 6 weeks and take 1 week off.

here is a list of this years curriculum:
horizons math
daily paragraph editing
sequential spelling
bju english
italic handwriting
free online typing programs

history will be christian liberty press exploring american history, some sonlight literature titles, history pockets and some written research reports. 

science will be elemental biology logic stage.

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