Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 3, 2011

This week:

The 10/11 yo:
Math: Worked on Division of 1-number into several numbers, and division of money in Horizons Math 5.  We got thru lesson 45.
Language Arts: Did 3 lessons of Daily Paragraph Editing, wrote in our journal (basically "how much I hate writing"), and started our homemade Italics Handwriting Book (using the Proclick, my cool new tool).  She decorated the cover, with only 1 rule: decorate it positively.  So here's her cover: Handwrighting With Tears.  We used to use Handwriting Without Tears, took a 2 year break, and then I decided it was time to work on handwriting again.  Now we are using Beautiful Handwriting for Children by Penny Gardner, which I purchased for $7 on CurrClick.  I picked Italic because the print and cursive is so similar, is not loopy, and I thought might make a good, easy transition for a child having trouble with handwriting.
T4L: she continues to work on that until I end the membership at the end of this month.
History: she finished reading the Witch of Blackbird Pond, which she tolerated. 
Math: 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, no regrouping (ex: 22 x 3, 84 x 2).  We do these on the whiteboard (see picture).  She was introduced to Decimals and their relation to Fractions - worked on tenths, writing as fractions and decimals.
Language Arts: she LOVES journal writing, lol!  She has a lot to say.  She can easily fill a page in 10mins.  She did 3 lessons of Daily Paragraph Editing.  I started her on Italics print, but she complained that she wanted to do cursive, so we are jumping right to cursive.  You can see her happy handwriting cover below:
The 8/9yo continues T4L until next month.  She also finished Witch of Blackbird Pond.  She enjoyed most of it, except she slogged through the end.  She does not want to live during Puritan/Colonial times.

And now we come to the little monster, the 2yo:

Destroying sister's whiteboard math.
Climbing on tables, throwing pencils, tossing World Book Encyclopedia's at the 10yo sister...
Writing on library books and tearing them, taking lids off of all markers and dispersing them across the room with her tremendous throwing arm.  Pooping and then saying "mardy harr" constantly as she hikes up the stairs.  Ok, guess I should explain.  Mardy or Mundy means something she wants.  Harr means shower, but she actually means bath.  Her sisters and I are beginning to suspect that she is just pooping several times a day as a ploy to take a bath, lol!  Anyway, it seems to be interrupting our schoolwork. 

Preschool(ish): we worked on sorting bears and got a little bit further.  It's not easy because all things are "yellow" ("Ma! Rainbow! Yellow rainbow!") Yes, even rainbows are yellow.  We worked on counting.  We read lots of library books.  Last week's favorites were Tubby (about a baby in the bathtub, lol!) and No, David! (she really relates to David in the book and his terrible behavior, lol).  This week's favorite is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert.

Below is Z (8/9yo) at the whiteboard doing oodles of multiplication problems happily.  She has really grown and changed this week!  She was the one motivated enough to do her schoolwork, and didn't complain this week.

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