Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, Week 4, 2011

Another good day, maybe I'm on to something...It works well to have each child spend a little time playing with the baby each morning, while I work with the other child.
In spelling, we hit Day 5.  This is supposed to be the Monumental Day when the words click and the students can spell "beginning" without ever seeing it before. worked for one kid, not the other, LOL.  I realize this will work great with my pattern-seeing kid.  For my visual, random child, we'll need to be a little more explicit in pointing out the patterns.  I already know how I can make this better (the wheels are turning in my head).
We did more Daily Paragraph Editing, and I was impressed with both kids today.  They are catching most of the mistakes.
In Math, more of the same stuff - nothing new.  I can see Horizons 5 building towards 2-digit by 3-digit division.  I can also see Horizons 3 building toward 1-digit by 2 or 3 digit multiplication with regrouping (carrying).
I'm working with the 9yo on scissoring skills.  I believe that her hand muscles aren't quite strong enough for pencil holding and scissoring - we're working on developing those muscles a little bit every day.  Using scissors correctly causes her some pain and discomfort.
We did Handwriting practice; so far I like the looks of cursive Italics!
We did T4L.
History:  the kids are supposed to be working on their writing project this week.  A1's project is half written.  She will finish tomorrow (or so she tells me).  She is handwriting her's.  Z's story is beyond the 200 words typed that I had assigned.  She likes to write novels, so I don't think this story is going to have an end by Friday:)  I haven't seen it yet.
We had a quick lunch and went to the park with friends.  Everyone became bored, and Z had a sliver in her hand, and was rather miserable.  We went back to the friends' house.  The kids played video games while the moms talked about great vacation spots.  I now have some great ideas for future summer trips. 
In a tree
After that, the 2yo went to take a late nap (4pm, eek!) while A1 and Z are doing Art.  Their art assignment is to make something out of clay (white, air-dry clay).

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