Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, Week 4 2011

We had a great day today! No whining or complaining:)
Spelling went terrific!  We went through Seq Spelling Day 4, but I dictated to each kid separately.  One kid watched the 2yo, while we did spelling; and then we switched.
We worked on linking the letter "a" with other letters in cursive Italics.  It feels good to be working on handwriting again (it's been awhile).
We started a new 4-day paragraph editing.  This will last us through the end of the week.  It is an excerpt from a historical novel.
The kids are continuing work on their reports for History.  Friday is the deadline.
Today we started memory work.  I have assigned them to memorize the 9 New England states.  This relates to our history lessons.  I have also assigned them to memorize approximately 30 prepositions from the BJU 5th Gr Grammar book. 
In Math, A1 worked on more division 1-digit into 4-digits.  Horizons started introducing the concept of rounding the 3-digit and 4-digit divisors to make division easier and faster.  Of course, I see where they are going with this...LOL!  The slow building of concepts while constantly reviewing past concepts is exactly what we need.  Z's math reviews Roman Numerals every day.  I was opposed to this, at first.  Now I see the point:  Roman Numerals have a unique way of teaching thinking skills and skip counting.  It isn't that we need to know our Roman Numerals and use them everyday.  It is simply a tool for teaching logic skills.  Today's Ordering Fractions activity no longer had the pictures to go with it.  She had to write the decimal words for .5, .6, .8, etc.  She has more algebra equations such as n + 5 = 13 - 8.  And she is practicing multiplication.
The internet was adequate today, so the kids did T4L. 

Today was Springy Thingy Hair Day.  The kids began with pipe cleaners and shaped them into odd shapes.  The shapes were attached to their hair styles.  It started out as Alien Antennae Day, but eventually became springy shaped things.  Z decided she didn't like pipe cleaners in her hair and opted for an Egyptian headdress.

I'm not sure when we'll "officially" start Grammar.  There are some grammar skills I want to have down before we move into our workbooks.  I have last year's workbooks; we only finished about 1/4-1/3 of the book before switching to T4L in Dec.  I plan to just have them work 1 grade level behind (use those books!)  I think if we have a good groundwork in Spelling, Editing, Writing, and have some basic Grammar terms memorized, we'll find the book very easy.  I have the Killgallon book from the library: Sentence Composing for Elementary School.  I'm tempted to have A1 go through that book.  It has a unique way of working on grammar and writing skills simultaneously.  I think if we worked through that book, we might see language in a different light.  I am still considering this, however.

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